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comment For SSL bridging, do HTTPS backends verify that the load balancer is using the same private key? If so, how?
Yeah I think the general answer on this is that HTTPS as a transport does not mandate such checks, however some client/server interactions have built in such checks to ensure unmolested, non-MITM communication. For example, differing certs on the load balancer from the web front ends is a common means of implementing HTTPS load balancing for Microsoft SharePoint, and neither SP or the end-user's applications care/check for a change in HTTPS certificate through the pipeline.
comment Can someone using the same DNS server as me hijack my domains?
A weird situation where this might be more likely is where the domain was previously registered and in use at Digital Ocean, and then lapsed/wasn't renewed but the zone not deleted from digitalocean. Someone later snaps it up as a 'new' domain (unaware that it was previously owned), then tries to create the zone at Digital Ocean. This could only be prevented if the DNS host periodically purges zones for which it is no longer the nameserver. (without the aforementioned conflict resolution methods)
comment Should I use link-local addresses where a non-routable, internal IP address is required?
Agree with @YLearn. Link-Local is for automatic host IP assignment when lacking DHCP, not for manual configuration for specific circumstances. Slicing a chunk out of the RFC1918 ranges (even one not currently in use) would be the only valid option.
comment How to make upstart back off, rather than give up
How would you make sure this sleep didn't affect a legitimate stop of the job? ie, I stopped the job through initctl stop jobname - I wouldn't want it to have to wait through the sleep.
comment Why does redirecting 'script' to /dev/null/ allow 'screen' to work while su'ed as another user?
@justarobert not if you want multiple users to be able to attach to that same screen for a service/batch-script-running account.
comment Windows Server 2012 R2 Deduped 356GB to 1.32GB
@Mark anything about your misunderstandings and testing methodology you could share...? Perhaps in a blog post? Would be interesting to learn as I can't think of where you (and therefore I) might have gone wrong. EDIT: I've now seen your answer...but a blog post would be a good read if you have one.
comment how to open a saved eventlog file with display information
Was an answer ever discovered here? This issue is affecting me too. I assumed including the LocaleData would be enough, but having it in the same structure as when it was exported doesn't seem to work. Opening on a different machine I'm being told the error description text doesn't exist.
comment how to open a saved eventlog file with display information
This answer does not address the question asked.
comment What can I do to fix missing start menu/desktop icons for a domain user?
If you turn off all roaming profile settings for the user in AD, or logon to a machine that does not use roaming profiles - what happens then?
comment How to remove alternative NetBIOS name
Do you have WINS in your environment?
comment How can I compare installed hotfixes between two Windows servers using PowerShell?
Be careful when using Get-Hotfix, it only reports a subset of patches. See this Hey Scripting Guy article for more information. @Mike
comment Windows serial console
@mfinni Not entirely true in today's module-based Windows. Look at Server Core or Hyper-V Server (the standalone free hypervisor). Windows is pretty lean and slowly pulling away from GUI dependence thanks to PS.
comment Properly remove windows.old on Hyper-V Server 2012 R2
Ahh, good to know!
comment Properly remove windows.old on Hyper-V Server 2012 R2
Why would one need to manually remove the junction points before deleting the folder? The junction points are stored in the filesystem, so would surely get deleted along with the folder...?
comment How to publish a CRL for an internal Windows certification authority?
@Brennan Considering Microsoft's own articles currently describe the use of CRLs and nothing else, I'm not sure it is valid to just dismiss this answer as invalid without providing other solutions.
comment AD reset user passwords for a security group
I'm so glad PowerShell now exists...
comment Our wi-fi at work is ridiculously slow, will adding more range extenders improve it?
Devices from companies like Ubiquiti in their Unifi range are 'friend-device aware' and automatically tune power (ie range) to prevent overlap with other APs. Also allows very easy SSID extending, by doing it over the cable, but allowing you to use one SSID across all APs. Great devices.
comment Automatically Use PowerShell on Server Core
Or deploy this via a Group Policy for added automation win and circumvent the need to modify any permissions ;)
comment Lower TCP throughput from 1Gbps server than 100Mbps server over large RTT
We had something similar where the Maximum Transmission Unit was too high for a chosen link, and strange delays, packet loss and ultimately throughput was affected - have you tried doing MTU tests to see if that's set correctly for the links?
comment DHCP Server only remembering one lease
Curiosity calls - why the move from HyperV to ESX?