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comment Problems creating a functioning table
no, just the Object_ID(), everything else will work without it.
comment TFS Check-In Exception - TF30042 Database is Full
I wouldn't use 25% for growth, a fixed amount in MB or GB is better; if your log file is large, adding a 25% chunk on the log file can take a while and cause time outs. Check the SQL server for errors in the log.
comment SQL Server blocking queries
Have you made sure your stats are up to date and indexes well defragged?
comment Windows Server 2008 Task Scheduler Tasks Not Executing
Did you check the event log for other activity in the time window, like patching/reboots? Check for services stopped/started. No daylight saving time events? Power failure, server running on UPS?
comment How do I change the system wide collation of a SQL Server 2008 instance
detaching from the old instance and attaching to the new would be quicker. Make sure your new instance is same SP level as the old.
comment How to reduce the SQL Server transaction log on the fly for production DB?
Not sure what you mean by "commit", but changing to simple will allow you to shrink the log file; if you aren't backing up the logs, FULL recovery is not getting you anything. Your script does what joe is suggesting, but sets it back to full when it's done. I set to simple, shrink, then if you need point-in-time recovery, set back to full and get a regular log backup to disk set up. And if you don't have full backups, get that set up too!
comment SQL Server 2008 Underperforming - extreme slowness after migrating to new server
Is Tempdb on a volume by itself? I would also make the initial size of tempdb large enough the it doesn't need to grow under normal use, autogrow takes time, and causes fragmentation.
comment SQL Server 2008 has started becoming unavailable for connections at seemingly random intervals
SQL can handle that many incoming connections, but that's a lot to be generated from a single app, I thought there was a limit around 3000 or so for initiated connections. In any case, there's definitely an issue with connections not getting closed, time to dig in to the code I would say.
comment SQL Server 2008 has started becoming unavailable for connections at seemingly random intervals
Your guess might be right, sounds like you have a connection leak, the connections aren't being closed down and being returned to the pool, or aren't eligible for pooling for some reason. Eventually you'll run out of sockets to open. How many rows did netstat return? Did you change anything with your application pool settings?
comment SQL Server 2005 SP3 Express Backups Incredibly Slow
@Adam Robinson : long deletes from tables are a completely different issue, could be dependent on table size, indexing, locking. But slow disk could account for both. Can you run perfmon and see what disk queue length is on the disks? Can you check the max server memory value in sp_configure or SSMS?
comment Hyper-v back-up
+1: Constant protection and Access are mutually exclusive!
comment Optimal value for performance counter in sql server
+1 for PAL, we love PAL.
comment Can't login to SQL Server after joining domain
More likely the local admin group is not necessarily a sql admin, see big yellow box:
comment SQL Server Offsite Backups
Or take a look at Quest LiteSpeed; it can easily cut backup size in half, but will run your CPU up a bit.
comment Diagnosing Microsoft SQL Server error 9001: The log for the database is not available
I'll rephrase..maybe not corruption of the database, but certainly a cause for log files being unavailable as the op stated.
comment Where to start fixing an IO Bottle neck in SQL Server?
+1 but would add: Zero-ith : add indexes as needed to support the existing queries; make sure index rebuilds jobs are in place, and that your statistics are up-to-date. Make sure log files are on different physical disks than data; make sure the RAID levels are capable of handling the workload, i.e. no RAID 5.
comment Estimate daily network IO between 2 servers
Should be under Performance Object: Network Interface, then make sure you select the right instance, there will be one for each nic.
comment Nice tool that will backup databases & logs and truncate logs?
don't truncate your logs either; might as well go simple recovery mode if you're going to do that.
comment What should I do about someone trying to brute force attempt to login to our SQL Server 'sa' account?
1433; if it has to be open to the outside, change it to just about anything else; that will involve changing connection strings on clients however.
comment Does running the sql server profiler affect performance on the server?
i would add "as long as you know what you are doing" after the "..."; it's very easy to consume enough network bandwidth with profile data if you're sending it over the wire, or eat up RAM to hold the trace data if you're running profiler on the server...seen it..had to clean it up..