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comment P8P67LE Motherboard - SATA MODE RAID; Create RAID 1
This is off-topic here. Also, do yourself a favor and don't use the chipset FakeRAID to spare you a lot of pain and sorrow.
comment how to setup secondary email server
This is way too broad to be answerable here. Try it and if you have specific questions for specific problems, come back with these.
comment Migrate user and passwords to new linux box
Can you login (on the console or via SSH) with the old password? Get this running before considering dependent services.
answered Migrate user and passwords to new linux box
answered Nginx and its caching systems. Are they all the same?
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comment MD RAID sector repair
@MadHatter: An URE (unrecoverable read error) happens when the disk really can't read the sector and the transparent remaps fails. I can imagine that a disk with specialized firmware in a high-end storage system can report this to the storage system and it will act by telling the disk to remap with the reconstructed data. Normal SATA/SAS disks lack this feature anyway, so MD can't do this.
comment MD RAID sector repair
@MadHatter: The argument is that the RAID controller will not throw out the disk out of the array upon an URE, but use parity information to rebuild and remap it. To my knowledge, MD will not do this and fail the array instead. As many disks don't die outright but fail slowly with more and more UREs, this will indeed increase the likelihood of a RAID5 to survive an URE error, but if a disks dies outright, you are as screwed as ever, so I say this article is bollocks and RAID5 is as dead as ever.
answered How to synchronize different debian server
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comment Accidentally revoked all puppetmaster certs
Restore the puppet certificate store from your backup.
comment Add allow transfer for ip via SSH step by step guide
What has this do this with SSH? Why are you configuring your own DNS instead of using your providers service?
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answered ssh-keygen create ssh key for linux user
answered How to know which SSH user deleted my folder?
comment How can I copy a website shortcut to the windows 7 desktop of different users on my network through email
Luckily, you can't. You can write them a mail explaining how to create the shortcut, though.
answered Wiping hard drives in an IBM DS3512
comment How to locate the cause of a excessive memory in ms sql
I don't know MSSQL, but are you sure this isn't normal behaviour and due to some caching?
comment Multiple instances of mediawiki on stand alone server
@SystemsParty: It's clear from your comment that you have no idea how mediawiki and a web server is configured. Please familiarize yourself with how to configure your web server of choice.