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comment Will my Office 2013 clients be automatically updated to Office 2016?
@msemack is spot on. Click2Run updates do not come thru windows update. IF - you have deployed via MSI, than you would stick to traditional methods of updating - and Microsoft won't be updating your client as that is only for Click2Run installation pointing back to MS for updates.
comment PowerShell - Set-RemoteMailbox to move to Office365 - object couldn't be found
You don't have to migrate. This answer is correct. When you run enable-rmeotemailbox it will create the properties needed for an EXISTING AD object to get a cloud mailbox. You then sync the account and assign a license and a mailbox is created correctly for the Hybrid setup. New-RemoteMailbox is used to create a NEW AD Object with the proper properties set for creating the mailbox. Again requiring a sync and license assignment in O365.
comment SCCM+ MS Office 2013 deployment
Why do you think you have to use SCCM? If you are running via GPO today - what issues are you encountering? There is no functional reason SCCM would have to be used - it can make deployment and tracking easier, but the setup certainly is not.
comment How can I stop autoupdates for Lync basic 2013
See edit - I added some options there
comment how to mail-enable an exchange 2013 contact?
Your question was a bit confusing about what was going on outside of the mail contact part. Can you add detail on how you are forwarding those messages, and what's the mail flow path (i.e. all devices, service, etc handling that traffic in and out).
comment Outlook profile during staged migration
You can - but it will pop up every time Outlook starts. The only fix is to create a new profile.
comment Can't Connect Outlook to Office 365 Exchange Server
In addition they have a tool that can validate connectivity from the client side you can use as well. I would start with the setup tool (it will tell you what you need to install), if you have issues after that look at walking thru the recovery assistant ( )
comment SharePoint ULS logs HTTP 304 Not Modified responses with errors - by design?
Can you add context to what you are seeing with the 304? What is it trying to access in there, and what is it returning after the 304? It's very possible, especially if you have upgraded from a previous version where Microsoft has internal controls to replace referenced objects.
comment Upgrading from SharePoint Foundation 2013 to SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise
@kamalpreet SharePoint is full of inconsistencies, and even a few features that you can see that just are not completed (company profiles come to mind). it's just the nature of the product. Foundation does not include all the "bits" you need which is why just putting in a key won't work.
comment Where can I get SLA / Outage information for Microsoft Exchange Online *greater than 30 days old*?
@LamonteCristo - Simply re-wording it to ask how to do it, would probably cover it. In any case - no more than 30 days is not available. You need to track it with a 3rd party service or something like SCOM, or archive data from API/RSS feeds over a period of time. There may be some services that offer this - but take it with a grain of salt as each data center and tenant will be a bit different.
comment User responded to an Outlook 2013 calendar invite and received a message saying it did not reach the recipient
Is this an ongoing problem - or just the one message. It could have just been a transient error. If she has the message I would try to change to tentative or decline, and try sending another invite. It you no longer see it - you may not be able to get to the root cause.
comment Migration and Domain Rename
I don't know that "scared" is how I positioned it, but to each his own - as long as the plan is solid and good risk management strategies are in place.
comment eDiscovery PST Export Tool
You can try to call support directly 877-913-2707 and log ticket.
comment Exchange 2010 migration to Office 365 with ADFS
If your not using a MS partner to help you, you will still qualify for Microsoft's onboarding service. They will help you plan, deploy, and migrate to O365 at no additional cost to you. To qualify you need to purchase at least 150 seats of E3 (its in your best interest to bulk purchase to get that incentive vs. Smaller seat purchases). You have 90 days from subscriptions purchase to use that benefit.
comment Get rid of Skype for Business warning about Exchange
There is no way to set policy for all users with self service download. Actually you can't do that period, You could script a solution that updates the registry and provide that as a self service tool or just send them email or webpage with instructions.
comment Sync non-AD LDAP instance with Office365 / Azure AD
Azure AD Connect is highly customized version of FIM - it doesn't currently support 3rd party connections. If you look at the connectors that ship with it it's only AD and O365. "Technically" you can probably create your own connectors - but you will need to bust out VS and code it. I have not had a chance to re-read the use agreement but that is probably in violation of it (B/C Microsoft would rater sell you FIM).
comment Azure AD Connect authentication exception
"Try connecting to Office 365 with PowerShell using the same account and see if you get an error. " That would be my next step, as well as creating a new account specifically for sync.