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Twelve plus years in software development, mainly as a 'Java guy'. I've done Big Enterprise for most of those twelve years, but my real passion is programming 'close to the wire', hacking, exploring computer languages and their idiosyncracies. I recently got into mobile development (iOS) and have a couple applications in the pipeline. Another recent interest is Graph based databases (Neo4J) and functional programming (Scala).

comment Installing RubyonRails on Ubuntu server?
A good guide on adding the Brightbox repositories to your apt-get search list is available here: wiki.brightbox.co.uk/docs:brightboxaptrepository. Thanks for the informative answer.
comment Setting up users on a LAMP server properly
chown does not set the RWX rights of files, you must have also done a chmod at some point. Also, setting the rights of /var/www doesn't really have anything to do with granting SFTP rights, per-se.