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comment sudoers cmnd_alias to view log files
The above example is very very dangerous since the wildcard allows the users to specify additional files outside of /var/log. For example allowing the command pattern /usr/bin/tail /var/log/* allows the users to run the following: sudo tail /var/log/../../etc/shadow or sudo tail /var/log/messages /etc/shadow, both of which would then tail the shadow file.
comment Encrypt temporary password using public ssh key
The problem is that the SSH public key is not in a format which OpenSSL recognizes. I needed to know how to convert the key to something that could then be used by a toolkit such as OpenSSL.
comment Unable to add IPv6 address to sendmail access list
Okay, small confession. Apparently the comments at the end of the access statements are not valid. I've update my post to reflect the change.
comment Unable to add IPv6 address to sendmail access list
But I am trying to add an IPv6 network, not just a single host. What is the correct syntax for a network? As an example, I can use "10.0.1" to add the network
comment how are search strings added to resolv.conf?
You could try appending "-C resolv.conf" to the line in your init/rc file which starts the /sbin/dhcpcd. The init files are typically in /etc/init.d or /etc/rc.d. However note that you will need to manually set your DNS servers in your /etc/resolv.conf if you configure dhcpcd to not run the resolve.conf script. Alternatively, you could edit the dhcpcd script which modifies the resolve.conf (possibly located in /lib/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-hooks) to not add a search domain.