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Consulting software engineer and interaction designer out of Chicago.

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comment Creating a pseudoterminal to make sudo happy
Great question. I experimented a bit with screen a while back, but usually had to redirect the output elsewhere and cat it after the screen command had finished executing. The -t ssh option seems less hackish, though :)
comment external dns to internal dns
Regarding Option #2, does that mean it's possible to configure a set of virtual machines under an internal IP range such that one could direct network traffic to them via domain names (through the host machine, behind a single external address)?
comment Link all LXC node APT caches to the host machine's APT cache
Thanks for the tip! I eventually realized that the various nodes could possibly interfere with each other during simultaneous apt-get operations, so I went off searching again. I ended up coming across apt-cacher-ng which I'm going to give a test run. Your solution is working though in the short term as I only perform apt operations on the nodes manually at present. Cheers :)