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comment OSX 10.8 w/ OpenDirectory - Admin log in as user? and switch to Admin?
Thanks for the response Bob. I didn't think there was a way and I feel that is a bummer. I didn't know that about the AFP share.
comment unexplainable packet drops with 5 ethernet NICs and low traffic on Ubuntu
Indeed. This is what happened except with a faulty hub. I was able to replicate this on a different machine without the hub by creating an invalid packet of all 0xff bytes and sending it to another server which dropped them all, except, when a packet sniffer program was running. My understanding of this is that when a PF_PACKET socket is opened that makes all the packet headers accessible (sniffers use this) it takes a different route in the kernel. Thanks for the response.
comment FreeBSD netstat -di, Idrop vs Drop and drop count from NIC or kernel?
I did look through the sources, my problem was that I couldn't tell the purpose of the members of those structs or the structs themselves. On another note the sysctl setting and the vmstat -z is useful, thanks.