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comment All servers flooded by salt water, is it possible to recover data from multi-platter drives?
@ceejayoz - I worked at a company called Total Recall that recovered hard drives. You would be surprised how many sys admins would call and say I know you guys recover hard drives but I have raid array that lost 2 drives. Any chance you can recover it? It is different but also the same. Our chance of recovery usually depended more on if the data was highly fragmented more than the damage to the raid drives.
comment How to take full ownership of an IP address?
@darkAsPitch - no most of them a businesses and are not willing to fight for a cause they do not believe in. But you may be able to sell yourself and your site to the right one. If you are a jerk or your site is not as... wholesome... as you have tried to make it sound you may not be able to. But if you truly have a just cause you should be able to find your knight. But while if you stand in my yard in Texas and refuse to leave I can shoot you. It may be legal but it is not going to make friends of the community. I guess the question is where on that scale does your site fall.