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  • Software Developer at GSA Capital.
  • Interned twice at Facebook and once at Google.

I'm interested in interesting abstractions that make everybody's life easier. I seek elegant solutions to problems. Very hooked on functional languages, possibly too much for my own good.

I also enjoy music and play the guitar and the piano.

comment OS X 10.8: redirecting locally initiated ssh connections to localhost:22
How exactly does it not work? After applying this config, does ssh still reach the destination on the internet, or do the packets just seem to get lost?
comment Port forwarding in Mountain Lion
To add to these really good points, I noticed that ipfw forwarding just plain stops working while PF is on. So also make sure PF is disabled with sudo pfctl -d, and that you're not running Mac's ApplicationFirewall / Internet Sharing / AirDrop as they use (and automatically enable) PF.