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comment Wireless Guest Network VLAN
Linksys E2500 series(E3200 / E4200) has the capabilities of having Guest Network which will separate the Guest Network from the LAN Network. It is not L3 router but for really small office it is cheap.
comment Certain drives in RAID 5 set intermittently are not recognized
Since it is 5-6 years old server, then the hard drive can be the cause too (hard drive can last 5 years but that's about the lifetime of them), First I will suggest do a backup of your data (or clone the data to another piece of hard drives), 2nd I would check SuperMicro website for BIOS Updates and also 3ware website for RAID controller firmware update, just make sure it is 5 years old server, if it is functional and upgrade failed then you must have a 2nd plan if it fails (if that is a working environment). but DO BACKUP of the hard drives, I think they might go bad!!!