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M.Sc. Engineering Physics

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comment Which events in the events log should be turned into notifications for windows servers?
@joeqwerty if I were to get notified about all warning and error events I will get spammed by hundreds of notifications per day. How do I get only the important ones?
comment Linux tools to find duplicate files?
You could reduce the number of md5sums calculated by only calculating md5sums for files that are of a size, for which there is more than one file of that size. So for all files that are of a unique size in bytes, you do not need an md5sum, since they cannot be duplicates of anything.
comment Apache and PHP causing first exec call to be really slow (and OS X)
I encountered my problem trying to use the php-function "mail", but while debugging this it turned out that any shell command or fork will take way too much time while running under Apache. I tried to replace the mail-command by shelling out and calling mail/sendmail/postfix from there, but it was no faster.
comment Apache and PHP causing first exec call to be really slow (and OS X)
Thanks for the explanation. I added some timing of similar code when not running under Apache and there it all runs much faster.