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Top new questions this week:

What's the largest string OpenSSH can expand from a % token?

Instead of a traditional authorized_keys file on my server, I'm using a custom key verifier which sshd calls via the AuthorizedKeysCommand option. In the sshd_config, I can specify that this command ...

ssh token  
user avatar asked by data princess Score of 5
user avatar answered by anx Score of 9

tcpdump -vvv is not verbose enough

For tcpdump, I use this command to see the packet details: tcpdump -vvv -i interface and to save the packets into a pcap file: tcpdump -i interface -w output The details from the first command are ...

networking wireshark tcpdump packet-capture  
user avatar asked by shadow Score of 4
user avatar answered by HBruijn Score of 7

Nginx Lua module for redirecting based on proxy and access headers

In nginx I want to redirect user based on access and proxy headers. When I put it to the response header, they are shown correctly in the browser. But when using in lua to redirect with an if it does ...

nginx lua  
user avatar asked by Trouble Score of 2

ip6tables does not filter fragmented packets

My final goal is to block all TCP IPv6 fragments with a specified destination IPv6 address (lets say it is one of addresses 2a00:1450:4010:c0e::79). This traffic is forwarded by host from ...

iptables ipv6  
user avatar asked by Kamil Zaripov Score of 2

What is the meaning/cause of this extra entry in the output of `ip address` when another device connects to the network?

I was recently trying to set up an EspressIf Border Router for my network. After flashing the device and letting it boot, a single-machine Kubernetes host on my network restarted all of its pods (!). ...

ubuntu networking ip ipv6  
user avatar asked by Danny Tuppeny Score of 2
user avatar answered by A.B Score of 2

How is it possible to connect multiple devices using the same IP to a machine with multiple interfaces and have them all work?

Long story short, I am a bit over my head with this task as I'm not incredibly well versed in networking and complicated network config. I have a few ideas, but want to avoid wasting time. Background: ...

ubuntu networking nat vlan network-namespace  
user avatar asked by Douglas B Score of 1
user avatar answered by Turdie Score of 0

not able to send mails from linux ubuntu : 20.04 by using email mailutils (sendmail or mail keyword)

code : subject="mail subject" body="Hello World" from="[email protected]" to="[email protected]" echo -e "Subject:${subject}\n${body}" | sendmail -f "...

ubuntu bash scripting shell-scripting  
user avatar asked by Nitin Alety Score of 1
user avatar answered by OscarG Score of 0

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

mysqldump throws: Unknown table 'COLUMN_STATISTICS' in information_schema (1109)

Every time I try to make a mysqldump I get the following error: $> mysqldump --single-transaction --host host -u user -p db > db.sql mysqldump: Couldn't execute 'SELECT COLUMN_NAME, ...

mysql mysqldump  
user avatar asked by manifestor Score of 498
user avatar answered by cristhiank Score of 811

How to check if a library is installed?

In Linux, how do I check if a library is installed or not? (from the command line of course). In my specific case now, I want to check whether libjpeg is installed.

linux libraries  
user avatar asked by hasen Score of 227
user avatar answered by faken Score of 301

Cause of Warning: PowerShell detected that you might be using a screen reader and has disabled PSReadLine for compatibility purposes

Steps Launch PowerShell 7 on Windows 10. Actual result PowerShell 7.0.0 Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Type 'help' to get help. Warning: ...

powershell powershell-v7  
user avatar asked by Bernard Vander Beken Score of 19

What's the command-line utility in Windows to do a reverse DNS look-up?

Is there a built-in command line tool that will do reverse DNS look-ups in Windows? I.e., something like <toolname> w.x.y.z => mycomputername I've tried: nslookup: seems to be forward look-...

windows domain-name-system ip command-line-interface reverse-dns  
user avatar asked by alastairs Score of 307
user avatar answered by Peter Score of 281

DNS - NSLOOKUP what is the meaning of the non-authoritative answer?

For some domains nslookup gives me a Non-authoritative answer section. What does this mean? Got answer: HEADER: opcode = QUERY, id = 3, rcode = NXDOMAIN header flags: response, ...

domain-name-system nslookup  
user avatar asked by mahen3d Score of 189
user avatar answered by HopelessN00b Score of 157

Using DD for disk cloning

There's been a number of questions regarding disk cloning tools and dd has been suggested at least once. I've already considered using dd myself, mainly because ease of use, and that it's readily ...

disk-image dd  
user avatar asked by falstro Score of 232
user avatar answered by Adam Gibbins Score of 215

How can I figure out my LDAP connection string?

We're on a corporate network thats running active directory and we'd like to test out some LDAP stuff (active directory membership provider, actually) and so far, none of us can figure out what our ...

active-directory ldap connection-strings  
user avatar asked by Allen Score of 121
user avatar answered by Evan Anderson Score of 113

Can you answer these questions?

truenas NFS on kubernetes

I am using the following link to setup my k3s setup with Truenas. I am only interested in NFS. I will not be doing ISCSI. After I applied the "helm upgrade --install --create-namespace --values ...

kubernetes storage nfs truenas k3s  
user avatar asked by user2236794 Score of 1

SSL error on RDP after migrate DC from Windows Server 2008 R2 to 2022

I have troubles connecting to RDP clients (Windows 11 Pro) and a Terminal Server with RemoteApp (Win2019 STD). Recently I migrated a DC Windows 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2022. Clean install, and ...

windows ssl rdp  
user avatar asked by IT NM Score of 1

Change MAC of VM on Xen

I have a Xenserver6 and multiple VMs on it - using Xen Orchestra I wanted to change the IP of a VM network device but accidentally shut it down before I could change the MAC. The way the server is set ...

debian linux-networking xen xenserver  
user avatar asked by rossi2561 Score of 1
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