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Top new questions this week:

Best way to remove text from the beginning of a huge file

I have a huge MySQL backup file (from mysqldump) with the tables in alphabetical order. My restore failed and I want to pick up where I left off with the next table in the backup file. (I have ...

grep sed dd text  
asked by Christopher Schultz 5 votes
answered by Mark Wagner 7 votes

Apache, redirect a client instead of showing HTTP/HTTPS error

If a web admin configures an HTTPS/SSL vhost on a custom port (e.g. 4433) and a browser connects to that vhost but using HTTP (http://vhost:4433), is there any way to configure apache to rather issue ...

ssl apache-2.4 https http  
asked by Mladen B. 2 votes
answered by user2847643 1 vote

Docker Swarm over IPSec VTI (Unifi site-to-site)

I have setup a Docker Swarm using 3 servers; Master node Home - local IP Worker node 1 Remote - local IP Worker node 2 Remote - local IP Both sites have a ...

vpn docker-swarm docker-networking unifi  
asked by GRX 2 votes

Why the redirection in .htaccess not work?

I have a Wordpress website. I want to redirect .php urls to the ones without the .php suffix. The .htaccess is as follows: # BEGIN WordPress <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On ...

.htaccess mod-rewrite rewrite wordpress  
asked by peter 2 votes
answered by MrWhite 2 votes

vmWare and maintenance mode on primary HA (DRS) host

I have to make a change to all my esxi hosts in a cluster that has DRS enabled, one of the hosts is the primary host for HA. As far as I know a host is selected by the system during an election ...

asked by pod 2 votes
answered by Gerald Schneider 3 votes

Printer Management

On our network we are getting an error every time we attempt to add a printer or sometimes print to printers. The error states that new drivers are needed to installed to print however we are using ...

drivers printer network-printer  
asked by starman 2 votes
answered by yagmoth555 3 votes

Proxying a "port" application on relative url ("subdirectory") of same server in Apache 2.4?

I have seen How to handle relative urls correctly with a reverse proxy - however I have great troubles understanding this (and applying it to my problem), hope someone can help. Let's say that I have ...

apache-2.4 reverse-proxy port  
asked by sdbbs 2 votes
answered by Gerald Schneider 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to determine the hostname from an IP address in a Windows network?

My LAN has 50 Windows hosts. At the Windows command line I try ping to get the IP address of a running Windows machine. The question is how to get hostname of a specific IP address in the same ...

linux windows networking ip hostname  
asked by billyduc 90 votes
answered by Phil Swiss 97 votes

Why is my crontab not working, and how can I troubleshoot it?

This is a Canonical Question about using cron & crontab. You have been directed here because the community is fairly sure that the answer to your question can be found below. If your question is ...

linux cron  
asked by Eric Leschinski 325 votes
answered by Eric Leschinski 442 votes

How to see stdout of ansible commands?

How do I see stdout for ansible-playbook commands? -v only shows ansible output, not the individual commands. It would be great if I could figure out how to do this immediately, so if something ...

ansible debugging stdout stderr  
asked by QuinnBaetz 229 votes
answered by bfschott 222 votes

How do I remove login credentials for a network location in Win7?

I just tried to access a folder like so: \\somecomputeronmynetwork\somelocation$ When going to this location I'm prompted for a user name and password. I put one in, and it let me in fine. Now I ...

windows-7 authentication network-share net-use  
asked by Joseph 67 votes
answered by Nate 63 votes

How to check if a library is installed?

In Linux, how do I check if a library is installed or not? (from the command line of course). In my specific case now, I want to check whether libjpeg is installed.

linux libraries  
asked by hasen 201 votes
answered by faken 267 votes

Get IP addresses and computer names in the same network

What is the command that can be used to get the IP address and the names of the computers that are located in the same network? I am running Windows

windows networking ip-address  
asked by Graviton 47 votes
answered by sysadmin1138 42 votes

How do I verify the speed of my NIC?

I just installed a new gigabit network interface card (NIC) in Linux. How do I tell if it is really set to gigabit speeds? I see ethtool has an option to set the speed, but I can't seem to figure ...

linux gigabit-ethernet ethtool  
asked by User1 159 votes
answered by Khaled 222 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Nginx valid referers with IP

valid_referers none; if ($invalid_referer) { return 403; } This code works perfect with domain name, I need to change domain with IP address, how this possible?

nginx preferences  
asked by Khan 1 vote

Does it make sense to augment WAF (Web Application Firewall) with an IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)?

Following scenario: Web application, only HTTP/S traffic Firewall in place to only allow traffic on port 80/443 in WAF is in place, set to deny malicious traffic Question: Is there any added value ...

networking ips web-application-firewall deep-packet-inspection  
asked by silent 1 vote

Apache: restrict serving images to authenticated users

I'm trying to figure out a way to restrict access to a media folder in my apache config. The folder takes uploads from from a Django site and image/pdf uploads are displayed in the site to ...

apache-2.4 django  
asked by Bob 1 vote
answered by Razenstein 0 votes
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