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Top new questions this week:

How dangerous might it be - and what performance gains may be had - by turning vulnerability mitigations off on non-Internet facing servers?

When a virtual machine Linux host server is non-Internet facing and is used exclusively on a LAN and is using a relatively well tested distribution like Proxmox, how dangerous would it be to turn off ...

linux security performance linux-kernel performance-tuning  
user avatar asked by ylluminate Score of 11
user avatar answered by diya Score of 12

Dovecot IMAP Server with Horde Groupware ActiveSync - IMAP Server not reporting changed state

I have a Horde Groupware with a Dovecot IMAP Server on Debian Linux running. Using the Web UI of Horde works well, but I have a problem using ActiveSync. When using a client app like BlueMail on ...

email email-server dovecot  
user avatar asked by Ronny Forberger Score of 2
user avatar answered by anx Score of 0

Are HTTP Headers configured by the CDN or by the application?

This is kind of a theoretical question, and I guess it may be too broad or unclear. Foobar is an application serving users across the internet. It relies on a CDN to improve its resiliency, speed, etc ...

http-headers cdn  
user avatar asked by SpiceTortilla Score of 2
user avatar answered by diya Score of 2

How to MySQL replicate or cluster to setup a failover scenario?

after a massive data problem from my provider in GER, I'm now forced to deal with failover scenarios. But there are a few questions that I can't find any real answers to. So I hope someone can help me ...

mysql mysql-replication mysql-cluster  
user avatar asked by Lars Score of 2
user avatar answered by Rick James Score of 2

Isolating CPUs on AWS/GCP: error mounting cpuset

I have two 32 vCPU instances on AWS/GCP. I'm trying to set up cpu shielding so that CPUs 0, 1 are used by the system, and cpus 2-31 are shielded and only used explicitly by userspace threads. System ...

amazon-web-services google-cloud-platform cgroup cpuset cset  
user avatar asked by James Score of 1
user avatar answered by anx Score of 0

How can I set specific directory for different users in proftp?

Currently, when user A logs in proftp, he comes at his home directory /home/A, when user B logs in proftp, he comes at his home directory /home/B. I want to let user A come at /dir1 and let user B ...

ftp chroot proftpd home-directory ftps  
user avatar asked by peter Score of 1

Pagespeed delivers content with gzip header but not gzip content all out of nowhere?

All out of nowhere our website did not longer load CSS. The Chrome browser console showed Error 330 (net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED) With the httpie tool a similar error: $ http "https://www....

apache-2.4 cache gzip mod-pagespeed  
user avatar asked by Alex Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to show all banned IP with fail2ban?

When I run this command fail2ban-client status sshd I got this: Status for the jail: sshd |- Filter | |- Currently failed: 1 | |- Total failed: 81 | `- File list: /var/log/auth.log `- ...

user avatar asked by Dark Cyber Score of 106
user avatar answered by NA AE Score of 67

Get list of AD groups a user is a member of

Suppose I have the user id of a user in Active Directory. I'd like to get a list of all AD groups in which that user is currently a member of. How can I do this from the Windows command line? I've ...

windows active-directory  
user avatar asked by MacGyver Score of 74
user avatar answered by MDMarra Score of 49

hosts file ignored, how to troubleshoot?

The hosts file on Windows computers is used to bind certain name strings to specific IP addresses to override other name resolution methods. Often, one decides to change the hosts file, and discovers ...

windows hosts  
user avatar asked by Superbest Score of 203
user avatar answered by Superbest Score of 292

How can I upgrade to Java 1.8 on an Amazon Linux Server?

I tried sudo yum update but it just keeps java "1.7.0_75". I need 1.8 for it to work with another application but can't figure out how to upgrade it. Do I need to manually install it somehow? There's ...

amazon-ec2 amazon-web-services java update  
user avatar asked by K_dar Score of 146
user avatar answered by David Levesque Score of 238

How to remove empty/blank lines from a file in Unix (including spaces)?

How do I remove empty/blank (including spaces only) lines in a file in Unix/Linux using the command line? contents of file.txt Line:Text 1:<blank> 2:AAA 3:<blank> 4:BBB 5:<blank> 6:...

linux unix command-line-interface text parsing  
user avatar asked by Michael Ellick Ang Score of 137
user avatar answered by Martijn Heemels Score of 168

What port should I open to allow remote desktop?

What port(s) should I open/NAT to allow me to use Remote Desktop?

remote-desktop rdp windows port  
user avatar asked by Kjensen Score of 146
user avatar answered by splattne Score of 185

How do you add a Windows environment variable without rebooting?

I would like to add an Environment variable to a Windows machine (desktop or server) and be able to use it without rebooting that machine. Say you have a production server which hosts a variety of ...

windows environment-variables  
user avatar asked by Chad Braun-Duin Score of 216
user avatar answered by Charlie Score of 188

Can you answer these questions?

Module RPMs makes kickstart installation of RHEL based distributions unusable

The title of the post has it all. The first steps to migrate from CentOS 7 to Rocky Linux 8 fail (in my eyes) because of module RPMs. If something is installed the traditional way via dnf, dnf notices ...

rpm kickstart rhel8 rocky-linux  
user avatar asked by Volker Raschek Score of 1

Deb package trigger loops

I'm having a recurrent issue with custom .deb packages and their triggers. We have made some "meta packets" for our deploys to force & check some configurations. The idea is to keep many ...

ubuntu debian deb  
user avatar asked by Ralequi Score of 1

NGINX basic auth bypass IP address OR user agent

How to set up bypass in Basic Authentication by IP address or user agent in NGINX. If I set it like this: map $http_user_agent $auth { default on; "~curl" "off"; } server ...

user avatar asked by matedev Score of 1
user avatar answered by Richard Smith Score of 0
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