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Top new questions this week:

How to replace a third party AWS cloud accounts provider with bespoke account governance?

My company (an inward-looking institution without customer or external interface) has moved all operations from a local data centre to AWS a few years back, mostly to a handful of large AWS accounts (...

amazon-web-services cloud provisioning  
asked by BuZz 9 votes
answered by MLu 14 votes

Write performance is 5 times worse with LUKS on top of mdadm RAID10 than without LUKS

I have servers with many NVMe disks. I am testing disk performance with fio using the following: fio --name=asdf --rw=randwrite --direct=1 --ioengine=libaio --bs=16k --numjobs=8 --size=10G --runtime=...

raid mdadm luks nvme fio  
asked by tacos_tacos_tacos 5 votes

'Same HTTPS binding' error using IIS

I'm an experienced developer who is relatively new to IIS. I have a VPS with a dozen websites. I previously set up an SSL certificate on one of those sites and it works fine. Today, I'm trying to ...

ssl iis ssl-certificate iis-8.5  
asked by Jonathan Wood 4 votes
answered by RobbieCrash 6 votes

Multiple MX Records handling

I have an app hosted in AWS, my mail service is not on AWS, I'm using a hosting in hostgator due to pricing since I need 500+ simple mail accounts. My DNS points to my email service and it works ...

domain-name-system mx-record amazon-ses  
asked by pato.llaguno 4 votes
answered by Stuggi 22 votes

Postfix - outbound SMTP traffic going out wrong interface

I have a postfix server that was working fine (inbound and outbound) until I made some networking changes. I added an interface (for a second public IP address, via a VPN tunnel. I intend to run ...

postfix routing smtp  
asked by fear_no_eval 2 votes

Can VCenter use mac book pros as physical hosts?

We're currently trying to find creative ways for launching mac VMs on top of our Vcenter cluster. Traditionally, we've been using Xserve mac servers, but these have become outdated and can no longer ...

vmware-esxi mac-osx mac vmware-vcenter vmware-fusion  
asked by Yaron Idan 2 votes
answered by Massimo 2 votes

How to add/change NAPTR records to a specific ZoneScope in Windows DNS using PowersShell

I'm using DNS Policies in Windows DNS for split-horizon. I need to add NAPTR records which resolve differently based on the subnet of where the request came from. I've got almost all of it figured out,...

windows domain-name-system powershell  
asked by C Hamm 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to check the physical status of an ethernet port in Linux?

I want to check if a specified ethX is physically up or down. How do I do that with the command line?

linux networking ethernet  
asked by Jader Dias 72 votes
answered by Linuxtraveler 51 votes

Monday morning mistake: sudo rm -rf --no-preserve-root /

Please note: The answers and comments to this question contains content from another, similar question that has received a lot of attention from outside media but turned out to be hoax question in ...

ubuntu-12.04 disaster-recovery hetzner  
asked by Jonas Nielsen 149 votes
answered by faker 94 votes

What is ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services)?

So I've been told that our PHP application may need to support authentication using ADFS. For a non-Microsoft person, what is ADFS? How does it differ to things like LDAP? How does it work? What ...

active-directory adfs  
asked by Simon East 91 votes

How to force or redirect to SSL in nginx?

I have a signup page on a subdomain like: It should only be accessible via HTTPS but I'm worried people might somehow stumble upon it via HTTP and get a 404. My html/...

nginx ssl redirect ruby-on-rails  
asked by Callmeed 229 votes
answered by Pratik Amin 146 votes

Get IP addresses and computer names in the same network

What is the command that can be used to get the IP address and the names of the computers that are located in the same network? I am running Windows

windows networking ip-address  
asked by Graviton 42 votes
answered by sysadmin1138 40 votes

Nginx 1 FastCGI sent in stderr: “Primary script unknown”

My first time using Nginx, but I am more than familiar with Apache and Linux. I am using an existing project and when ever I am trying to see the index.php I get a 404 File not found. Here is the ...

nginx php-fpm  
asked by We0 93 votes

How do you find what process is holding a file open in Windows?

One thing that annoys me no end about Windows is the old sharing violation error. Often you can't identify what's holding it open. Usually it's just an editor or explorer just pointing to a relevant ...

windows file-sharing  
asked by cletus 565 votes
answered by Eddie 470 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Allow Windows Server 2016 user account to run Scheduled Task that was set up to run as another account

I've created a Scheduled Task via schtasks.exe so that it runs as an elevated account [A]. However, my reduced privilege account [B] can't manually trigger the task to run through the Task Scheduler ...

windows-server-2016 scheduled-task  
asked by Cameron Willis 1 vote

Ubuntu 16.04 server loses default route on restart

One of my Ubuntu servers always loses its default route when restarted. I have a second server which has an almost identical set up which works fine. I am not sure when the problem started but it ...

ubuntu-16.04 gateway ip-routing  
asked by Russell Fulton 1 vote

PCIe - Training error on device - Link degraded, macLinkWidth = x16, negotiatedLinkWidth = x8

i've placed a pcie raid adapter card with onboard ssd's (AORUS RAID ADAPTOR built in with 4 x PCIe 3.0 512GB NVMe SSD) in a new (2020) Dell (Optiplex 7080). the system boots fine most times, but it ...

boot dell bios pci-express uefi  
asked by vulgarbulgar 1 vote
answered by Zac67 0 votes
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