My situation:

If I type https://www.agavepv.com or agavepv.com the site shows up as secure with the lock. However, if I type the address www.agavepv.com it shows up as not secure. What is wrong with my settings?

The Facts:

  1. I have the agavepv.com domain registered on GoDaddy.com
  2. I am hosting my site on Heroku
  3. I have paid hobby dynos which allows me to use ACM for my SSL Certificates
  4. I change my DNS settings on GoDaddy and added a CNAME record, the host is www and it points to immense-mullberry-lq60rwg6xrhb0odbnaw2idyi.herokudns.com
  5. I was on with Heroku support regarding my root domain and this is what I was told: For your root domain agavepv.com you need to point to the DNS target damp-mayflower-pdp4pxd06oq94i5rojwp1rzy.herokudns.com using ALIAS/ANAME record. Although GoDaddy does not support ALIAS/ANAME so you may need to use URL redirects/forwarding for your root domain.
  6. My domain forwarding settings are as follows: Click to see GoDaddy Domain Forwarding Settings for agavepv.com domain
  7. My Heroku custom domains are setup like this.
  8. When I check my certs in the command line using heroku certs:info i see this.
  9. When I run curl -vI https://www.agavepv.com I see this.

Currently, when I type in https://www.agavepv.com OR agavepv.com into the browser, my site shows up as secure. However, if I type www.agavepv.com the browser indicates the site is not secure. How do I change my settings so that all three scenarios indicate they are secure and show the lock?

Second, would it be worth it to pay for a domain transfer to another registrar that does allow for ALIAS/ANAME records?

I am very new to this subject so I apologize if what I am missing is very obvious! Someone please help, this has taken up so many hours!

  • You probably don’t redirect from insecure plain http to https - modify your server/site configuration to do that for you – HermanB Jan 22 at 20:26
  • @HermanB thank you. As mentioned, I am kind of a noob in this department so can you please add more color to your statement? How would I go by doing that? – Alexander Jan 22 at 20:29
  • HTTP redirects are sent by the web server. The main question is: what web server configuration do you have access to? – Piotr P. Karwasz Jan 22 at 21:10
  • @PiotrP.Karwasz This is the repo link to my server.js file. I just now added the sslRedirect package but still does not show up as secure when I type www.agavepv.com. You can see the npm docs for that package here. – Alexander Jan 22 at 21:43
  • Yes, the module is 5 lines of code altogether. It should work if you are in production mode, maybe it takes time to redeploy. Otherwise write a handler that will dump all the HTTP headers that the Heroku proxy server sends you. Maybe they don't send X-Forwarded-Proto any more. – Piotr P. Karwasz Jan 22 at 22:01

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