I installed a SLES 15 machine with a special library of my work. Since I need to install other machines with the same procedure, I want to "extract" the current installation to create an installable ISO file with the current configuration. How to do it if possible?

Many thanx


I would suggest to use AutoYast :

1- Try to reproduce what you have done in order to get the actual configuration, that means try to write a script that will describe what you have done to get the actual configuration.

2- Get a bootable ISO installation media for SLES 15

3- Create your xml Kickstart configuration file, you will need to specify :

  • Network configuration

  • Filesystems partioning

  • Users creation

  • Packages that need to be installed.

  • pre script section to execute before the installation.

  • post script section to execute once the installation done, here you can use the script you wrote in the step 1

4- Use jing parser to validate the kickstart file.

5- Bundle the installation media with the kickstart file, it depends on the environment :

  • Use a PXE server to make a network installation possible.

  • Or, use a media device, like cdrom or flash usb.

  • Or, if it's a virtualized environment, just mount it on the targeted VM and then change the grub/uefi entry to use the kickstart file with : inst.ks attribute.

6- Test first this procedure on a test server then deploy on the other nodes.

Here is the full documentation you will need to implement this solution AutoYast Doc

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