I have a mirrored ZFS array on a FreeBSD that I used for home NAS, consisting of a 6TB internal drive and a 8TB external USB drive. I have 2TB of space occupied that should not be occupied, but I cannot delete or even see any of its contents.

I suspect that this originated when I was transferring a lot of relatively large (>=10GB) files when I was initially setting up my ZFS array (a la send/receive snapshot), but kept getting the infamous broken pipe error when it was almost completed, and so it never finished.

I eventually transferred it successfully over LAN, but now I have ~2TB of inaccessible space in each pool, space I think corresponds to the never-completed transfer of data. In other words, zfs_bk takes up 5.27 TB, but should be taking up only ~3 TB. However, there are no files in /zfs_bk; the only actual files that can be seen are in the datasets mounted in the subfolders of zfs_bk.
Those datasets have sizes consistent with what is contained/displayed in their mountpoints, however.

Here is my output (happy to post more, obviously)

zfs list

zfs_bk                5.27T   612K  2.28T  /zfs_bk
zfs_bk/docs           1.23M   612K  1.23M  /zfs_bk/me/docs
zfs_bk/me             12.1G   612K  8.38G  /zfs_bk/me
zfs_bk/me/code        209M   612K   209M   /zfs_bk/me/code
zfs_bk/me/files       77.2M   612K  77.2M  /zfs_bk/me/files
zfs_bk/me/pictures    2.11G   612K  2.11G  /zfs_bk/me/pictures
zfs_bk/me/robo        1.29G   612K  1.29G  /zfs_bk/me/robo
zfs_bk/me/video         88K   612K    88K  /zfs_bk/me/video
zfs_bk/shared          369G   612K    88K  /zfs_bk/shared
zfs_bk/shared/images  2.10G   612K  2.10G  /zfs_bk/shared/images
zfs_bk/shared/music    367G   612K   367G  /zfs_bk/shared/music
zfs_bk/shared/video     88K   612K    88K  /zfs_bk/shared/video
zfs_bk/unsorted       2.61T   612K  2.61T  /zfs_bk/unsorted
zroot                 6.18G   101G    88K  /zroot
zroot/ROOT            2.59G   101G    88K  none
zroot/ROOT/default    2.59G   101G  2.59G  /
zroot/tmp               88K   101G    88K  /tmp
zroot/usr             3.58G   101G    88K  /usr
zroot/usr/home         641M   101G   641M  /usr/home
zroot/usr/ports       2.29G   101G  2.29G  /usr/ports
zroot/usr/src          682M   101G   682M  /usr/src
zroot/var             1.16M   101G    88K  /var
zroot/var/audit         88K   101G    88K  /var/audit
zroot/var/crash         88K   101G    88K  /var/crash
zroot/var/log          736K   101G   736K  /var/log
zroot/var/mail          88K   101G    88K  /var/mail
zroot/var/tmp           96K   101G    96K  /var/tmp

ls -a /zfs_bk

.               ..              me             shared          unsorted

du -h -d=1 /zfs_bk

3.0T    /zfs_bk

Thanks in advance!


check out this to learn more zfs dataset: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E53394_01/html/E54801/gbbym.html

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I actually combed that page prior to posting, but it doesn't help me resolve my issue (or I'm not understanding it correctly). I'm presuming that my issue has something to do with the snapshot (whose transfer was interrupted). But how do I remove the space referred to by that snapshot? I don't even know if I still have the snapshot, it may have been written over when I added that disk as a mirror. – SKNB Jan 26 at 23:30

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