We have multiple servers and i would like to print users list and access level using bash.

I tried below command but could not get exact result what i wanted to:

awk '/Allow root/{p=5} p > 0 {print $1; p--}'   /etc/sudoers

above command just give me five entries as below


but I should get the O/P as below:

UserList      AccessLevel
root           ALL
abcd        !/usr/bin/*

Can i get the output as above?


After doing so much experiments i am able to achieve it as close as possible by below command.

grep "ALL=(ALL)" /etc/sudoers | awk  '{ print $1 "\t""\t""\t" $3 $4}' | cut -d '#' -f1 | cut -d '%' -f1

and the output is as below:

xxxx                    ALL
xxxxxx                      ALL
xxxx                 ALL

xxxx                        NOPASSWD:ALL
abcd                 ALL
xxxx                 ALL

But still i am getting space separated output. i want to skip that spaces in output.

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