We're using Open LDAP for our directory. Apparently it allows case-insensitive bind auth, and this is causing some issues on our systems. I would like for authentication to fail for logins that are not the correct case. Is there a configuration option for this?

  • Are you using an rdn that is case sensitive? The usual ones (i.e. uid and cn) use EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch. – 84104 Feb 2 at 8:41
  • Yes, I'm using cn=. Is this more a question if how the bind query is built on the client, and not server config? – Ben Davis Feb 2 at 14:49
  • A bind against a case-insensitive rdn likewise being case-insensitive is unsurprising. cn is usually case-insensitive. This is defined within the server schema. – 84104 Feb 4 at 6:33

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