My customer is copying files from a Windows 10 machine to a Synology NAS (don't know which one). When doing so, an anti-malware program running on the Windows 10 machine tries to open the newly-copied files using the machine account, and gets denied - that's expected. However, this causes the original copy operations to run much slower than expected.

Looking in Process Monitor, I see that every time such a denied operation happens, they're followed by 1-2 normal accesses that take 1.4-1.5 seconds, instead of the 0.01 seconds they'd usually take. The 1.4-1.5 seconds duration appears quite constant.

My hypothesis: The Synology NAS has some rate-limiting after denied operations.

  1. Does this sound like rate-limiting after access-denied operations?
  2. How does one disable/configure it on the Synology NAS?

Note: I know I can exclude the path from the anti-malware program - I'm looking for solutions other than that.

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