I'm trying to store emails i receive into an s3 bucket, i followed this tutorial and multiple others : https://docs.aws.amazon.com/ses/latest/DeveloperGuide/receiving-email-getting-started.html

My MX record is set to my mail.Domain like this : Domain MX 10 mail.domain When i change it to Domain MX 10 inbound-smtp.us-east-1.amazonaws.com

I do not receive mails anymore and still do not get emails stored.

I do not know what is missing exactly ? someone help please.

Update : Managed to follow Mlu answer and i'm now at a very close step to getting my answer, the only problem is that AWS SES does not accept a "FROM" that is outside of my domain reaching another outside domain.

For example A sends email to B, B forwards (looks more like redirects) email to C, so C sees that he got a message from A not B, that, AWS SES doesn't like and will give this error for example :

554 Message rejected: Email address is not verified. The following identities failed the check in region US-EAST-1: [email protected], Jon Doe (in reply to end of DATA command).

  • Unfortunately this will be difficult for us to help you with, as you've provided no diagnostic information. I suggest you either find another tutorial, or hire an AWS Consultant who can work this out for you.
    – Tim
    Feb 3, 2020 at 23:20

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First some DNS / email background - even if you have multiple MX records for example.com in your DNS the emails are only received by one of the servers listed. Typically the sender contacts the one with the lowest preference but in your case if both have priority 10 the sender server will just choose one randomly.

If you want to both receive email on your mail.example.com and through AWS SES to store it in S3 you will have to feed it from one to the other explicitly.

I've got a similar setup in one of our projects and we receive the mails by Postfix (that's our mail.example.com) and from there we forward it to SES using the always_bcc postfix configuration directive.

In this case the example.com MX record only points to mail.example.com, not to SES. However we also have a record for ses.example.com being a MX record pointing to inbound-smtp.us-east-1.amazonaws.com. Then our always_bcc = [email protected] and obviously in SES we've got the domain ses.example.com configured to store emails to S3.

If you want you can also do it the other way around - receive on SES first and from there save to S3 and forward to your other mail server.

The bottom line is that you can'y simply list both SES and the mail server and expect that the emails will arrive to both. You have to explicitly receive at one and forward to the other.

Hope that helps :)


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