ultimately im trying to get a PXE boot laptop to talk to the WDS server. While monitoring the switch using wireshark from laptop #2, it doesn't see ANY DHCP packet during a PXE boot. whereas, I would boot the PXE laptop normally to windows and i can see the DHCP packet.

I am using 'dhcp' as the display filter in wireshark.

i thought it was so strange to not see any DHCP packet when PXE booting... could someone shed a light?

Here's my topology: topology image


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What error are you seeing on the PXE boot screen of the laptop?

Have you checked your router configuration for IP Helper setup, as described in the article below:


This article gives a detailed description of how to check your PXE boot setup including log files to check & network trace examples:


Hope that helps

  • Thank you! the link to the 2nd article helped out. turns out there was a setting with the DHCP scope.
    – Hexalogy
    Feb 7, 2020 at 12:08

try filtering by bootp instead

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