I need help with regular expressions. I have some queues in the rabbitMQ, about 1000:


And I need to filter these queues. For example:

FILTER='[{"name": "ha-collector-data-test2"}, {"name": "ha-collector-data-1434"}, {"name": "ha-collector-data-45-test3"}, {"name": "ha-collector-data-terty4"} ]'

To describe every queue by a separate name is difficult

Which regular expression should I use for my queues which have same start names? I used this but it is wrong:

FILTER='[{"name": "ha-collector-data-*"} ]'
FILTER='[{"name": "ha-collector-data-[a-z]"} ]'
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    I suggest using a site like regex101.com to test, observe and learn how the regex matching is (not) being performed.
    – parkamark
    Feb 13 '20 at 8:47

The following pattern should match your examples:

FILTER='[{"name": "ha-collector-data-.*"} ]'

This specifies: Match every character (= '.') zero or more times (= '*')

Your both filters dont work because:

1) FILTER='[{"name": "ha-collector-data-*"} ]'
'*' matches the preceding character zero or more times. Since the preceding char is - 
this rule matches something like ha-collector-data-- 

2) FILTER='[{"name": "ha-collector-data-[a-z]"} ]'
This filter doesn't match the strings that start with numbers after '-' and 
furthermore it matches the next char only.
  • Hi. Thank you for reply. But i think my problem more concerns rabbitMQ api and i should find documentation for that.
    – perrfect
    Feb 13 '20 at 12:41
  • Hi. Ok sorry so i got your problem wrong :) Feb 13 '20 at 13:20
  • But, maybe, do you want which regex will be right? I do FILTER='{"name": "ha-collector-data-.[a-zA-Z0-9]{1,100}"}'. But it is wrong too(
    – perrfect
    Feb 13 '20 at 13:28

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