We are running an RDP-farm with four terminal servers (Windows Server 2016). On the servers the main software running is our ERP-software, some users are also running the O365-suite. Let's say we have +-30 users running on each server. From time to time one the four servers randomly freezes (not one specific in particular). We can do nothing else than rebooting in the Azure-controlpanel. Software running on servers is: - Trend Micro Anti Virus - O365 - ERP

On the servers there is not 1 process that acts suspicious (high load). What's the best aproach to troubleshoot this, we're a bit stuck...?

  • What are the specs of the servers? – joeqwerty Feb 13 at 12:37
  • It's the Azure Standard_DS13: 8vCPU, 56GB Ram, 112GB SSD – user2262502 Feb 13 at 12:46
  • TRY and TEST to UNINSTALL the TM Agent. We had such effects with WFBS and NeatSuite; just test, if it's solved, make a case and/or debug the error by yourself. – bjoster Feb 13 at 18:50

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