I want to:

  1. Take Ubuntu Server ISO.
  2. Automatically (non-interactively) install it.
  3. Install some additional packages into it, perform some configuration, add my software.
  4. Freeze the system into an .IMG to be written onto SSDs. The SSDs should be bootable on bare metal machines.

What is the modern way to go? I've heard something about preseeding, kickstart and cloud-init, many things look overcomplicated.

  • This will likely involve preseeding in combination with a config management tool or set of shell scripts. packer is the recommended way to initiate the workflow. kickstart is mostly for RHEL family distros and cloud-init is only applicable on cloud services – jordanm Feb 14 at 15:59
  • @jordanm I wonder if I'm actually looking for Ubuntu Cloud, it has IMG images: cloud-images.ubuntu.com/bionic/current - I'm unable to boot it on bare metal machine. – Andrey Moiseev Feb 14 at 16:07
  • Those are intended for virtualized use. – jordanm Feb 14 at 16:08

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