I am looking for information on whether F5 can forward syslog info to a SIEM such as arclight or Qradar.

I have heard that you can only send unencrypted traffic on port 80 but you cant forward anything encrypted. Is this true. Has anyone else ran into this issue.

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    Are you intending to have the F5 Big-IP send it's own log data to the SIEM, or are you looking to have the Big-IP load balance syslog traffic? – Stuggi Feb 15 at 9:28

F5 BIG-IP uses syslog-ng for it's basic logging so it will be reliant on mutual auth via TLS or or some stunnel method.

Per F5's documentation(bottom of page):

"If you want to ensure that the Syslog-ng messages being logged remotely are encrypted, you must first establish a secure tunnel."

This assumes you're only going to use vanilla syslog-ng included on the system.

F5 BIG-IP usually integrates into SIEMs with the High Speed Logging (HSL) which instead provides events including near-real time events like security attacks and other time-sensitive logging needs. BIG-IP includes security features and syslog was not appropriate for the event traffic.

F5 BIG-IP Hight Speed Logging does support secure remote logging.

Most major SIEM vendors will also include specific on how to integrate with F5 BIG-IP.

If you have any additional info, comment here and I can update my answer accordingly.

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