Our network has a domain named after our business: business.com. Our new website has just been finished and is live, but the developer has chosen to redirect all www traffic to the non-www URL; so www.business.com 301 redirects to business.com.

Internally our domain controller/DNS server has an entry for www.business.com pointing to the external site's IP, rather than letting it forward on the request to the external DNS network, but we don't have business.com pointed to that IP. This means that when you visit the site from inside the network you have to include the www. and then it redirects you to the other URL, which resolves internally to a non-existent site.

The question then is two-fold:

  1. Would creating an A record for business.com to the external IP cause issue with machines attempting to authenticate to the domain? (Note that this wouldn't be a wildcard.)

  2. Is there some other kind of record or setup I could have, using just DNS or also IIS, to take HTTP/S traffic from inside the network that's bound for business.com and route it out to the web?


1: no. Machines authenticating refers to dedicated records. I would create a CNAME referring to the main record (the www one in your case)

2: maybe, but 1 is much easier and (almost) granted to work

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