Using the google cloud web interface for add a custom route with a peering as nexthop,But in this interface and in gcloud too, we can select only as next hop:


But if you do a vpc peering with automatic import and export routes, google cloud create ruotes using the peering as follow:

peering-route-c1c2eo5fcx1dfd1b my-vpc vpc-peering 1000

My question is: is there anyway to create a custom route using the peering as nexthop?

Because event from google api the option exists:




Currently that feature is not available, however there is a feature request already created.

I share you the link to the public issue tracker. I suggest to star it and comment it so google can know that there are more customers requesting this feature.

  • Thanks, for the information :) – c4f4t0r Feb 19 at 16:38

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