I have an HP ML350 G6 server with 3 600Gb SAS drives on RAID5. I added 2 new 1Tb disks and configured a new Array with RAID1. Al of a sudden I got the blue screen of death, the server rebooted and now I get operating system not found. I've run the RAID diagnostics booting from Smart CD and there are no Critical Errors or Alerts, just an Information Statis MEssage on Array A with code 785 saying "Backround parity initialization is currently queued or in progress on Logica Drive1 (1.1Tb RAID5) if backround parity initialization is queued it wil start when I/O is performed on the dirve.When backround parity initialization completes the performance of the logical drive will improve"

  • Does it boot if you remove the disks? – Mark Wagner Feb 14 at 22:45
  • No, it doesn't either. – MikeT Feb 14 at 22:57
  • Update: I'm no longer getting the Statis Message on Array A with code 785. The RAID and disks are coming up with no errors on the diagnostics but I still can't boot from them. It says no operating system found. Any advice on how to see if the data is still on there and how to retrieve it? I have a backup but it's from the previous night, so there's a days work missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. – MikeT Feb 15 at 9:22

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