I am trying to write a script that compiles an executable, runs rsync to copy it to a remote server, and then opens an ssh session into the server and dispatches the executable to the grid engine.

In other words, I want a script that does the following:

1. (locally) compile
2. rsync local to remote
3. (remotely) run command to dispatch

The issue I have is that compiling the executable takes a lot of time, and right now my simple bash script will first compile, then prompt my password for the rsync and again for the SSH command.

Is there a way to somehow prompt my password once, prior to the compilation step? We are not allowed to use SSH keys for security reasons.


Sure, use sshpass:

read -s -p "Password: " SSHPASS
# compile
rsync -e "sshpass -e ssh" ...
sshpass -e ssh <foo> rm -rf /

Arguably worse security than using keys.

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