I am going to set up a DynamoDB on aws, and their pricing is about .3$/GB a month. If i store 500 GB for an hour, do some work on it, then remove 200GB after an hour. Do i have to pay for the 500 GB used for the whole month or, 500 GB for the hour it was on the DB ?

  • You should check on what interval they bill you. For example EC2 instances bill per hour – Romeo Ninov Feb 19 at 12:46
  • it states per month interval, so i guess it is probably 500GB billed. – Mbn Feb 19 at 13:06

Short version: it's billed hourly or thereabouts.

Pricing says

  • First 25 GB stored per month is free
  • $0.285 per GB-month thereafter

This means 1GB for 1 month costs $0.285. It also means 0.5GB for a month or 1GB for half a month is charged at half that. If you put in a lot of data, use it for a short time, then remove it, you're billed for the time it's stored - I guess at the hour or day level.

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  • Thanks, this is what i was looking for ! – Mbn Feb 20 at 15:59

with dynamodb you should worry about write cost than storage cost.

If importing of 500gb data requires you to write 5 milllion records with average record size of 1kb, costs you 750$

It will cost you same again for deleting.

so be careful with dynamodb :)

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  • Thanks for this warning. Do you recommend only storing spark processed data in dynamo and keep big data in s3 bucket ? – Mbn Feb 24 at 10:22
  • again it depends on data size you are storing. you can store summary data in a s3 object and use s3 select for your queries. price is totally negligible. – Satish Kalepu Feb 25 at 21:11

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