Just for me to understand more, when I run ipconfig /all on my work laptop, at the beginning of the information I see 3 parameters: Host Name, Primary DNS Suffix and DNS Suffix Search List.

I know the first one is the hostname of my laptop and I know the second one is the name of the domain that my laptop is bound too.

I do not understand the third one: DNS Suffix Search List

Let me give you an example:

Host Name: MyLaptopPC

Primary DNS Suffix: network.ad.companyA.com

DNS Suffix Search List:





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If you query a single label name, Windows appends the DNS suffixes and queries each fully-qualified name in order.

  • I can imagine the usage to have list of domains with trust in the forest. Not necessary have to be the case (depends on setting) but it can be one of the use case ;-).
    – Kamil J
    Feb 19, 2020 at 15:00

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