I can login to SQL Server 2019 (installed on Debian Buster) with SA account using SQL Management Studio on Windows Server 2016, but I cannot do this with the domain account using integrated authentication.

1. The DebianVM (hyper-v) has joined to Active Directory and the domain account can login through SSH to that server.

2. I have successfully installed SQL Server 2019 and created the instance on the DebianVM.

3. I have successfully logged in to that instance with the SA account using SQL Management Studio (latest version).

4. I have successfully added the domain account to that instance (using SQL Management studio) with sysadmin role.

5. I cannot log in to the instance using the domain account (that I added with SQL Management Studio) and integrated authentication with SQL Management Studio.


Cannot connect to 172.xxx.xxx.xxx.
Additional information:
Login failed. The login is from an untrasted domain 
and cannot be used with Integrated Authentication.
(Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 18452)

Any ideas what could be the reason or where should I look?

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Please follow these steps to configure Active Directory authentication on SQL Server (Linux). Here you will find a full tuorial.

The following list provides a summary with a link to each section in the tutorial:

  1. Join a SQL Server host to an Active Directory domain.
  2. Create an AD user for SQL Server and set the ServicePrincipalName.
  3. Configure the SQL Server service keytab.
  4. Secure the keytab file.
  5. Configure SQL Server to use the keytab file for Kerberos authentication.
  6. Create AD-based SQL Server logins in Transact-SQL.
  7. Connect to SQL Server using AD authentication.

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