So I managed to install ZeroTier with the Ubiquiti Edge Router X via:

admin@edgerouter# sudo -i
root@edgerouter:~# curl -s https://install.zerotier.com | sudo bash

And got to access the Edge OS (Edge Max) interface through the ZeroTier Global IP, so I can access my router anywhere in the world which is great.

However, how can I access the LAN devices connected to the router? For example, I have one device with Local IP in the router,

How can I access this using the ZeroTier network?


You have a choice between layer 2 bridging and layer 3 routing. We don't have much direct experience with Ubiquiti but you can find a lot of info around about doing either of those things. The ZeroTier interface should show up as another interface on the Ubiquiti that you should then be able to route or bridge to/from.


Here's the solution:

  1. Update the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter-X (ER-X) with Firmware 2.0.8 (you can Google this very easily)
  2. Install ZeroTier from the command line (Skipping the device mapping)
ubnt@edgerouter# sudo -i
root@edgerouter:~# curl -s https://install.zerotier.com | sudo bash

At this point the ER-X is unable to "interact" with ZeroTier so we need to patch.

  1. Patch with the zerotier-edgeos (by Dennis Kruyt) Download this file from https://github.com/dkruyt/resources/raw/master/zerotier-edgeos.tgz
root@edgerouter:/# tar -C / -xvzf /home/admin/zerotier-edgeos.tgz

At this point after reboot the ZeroTier interface will now show in the router dashboard.

  1. Setup DNAT and SNAT rule in the ER-X router, taking into account the Upstream IP address and the ZeroTier IP address and the switch0 address, additionally, to keep the setup simple a Network Group was created, the Upstream and ZeroTier group respectively (nothing special here just set the Group following the standard Ubiquiti guide


ubnt@edgerouter# configure
edit service nat rule 1
set description "ZeroTier DNAT" 
set destination group network-group ZeroTier
set inbound-interface ztzlgezugz
set inside-address address
set log disable
set protocol all
set type destination

edit service nat rule 5000
set description "ZeroTier SNAT"
set log disable
set outbound-interface ztzlgezugz
set outside-address address
set protocol all
set source group network-group Upstream
set type source

save exit

Where the IP is the upstream IP i.e. eth0 and the is the ZT IP

  1. Setup Managed Route in ZeroTier:

Note: here is the switch0 address where the LAN devices are connected, eth1, eth2, eth3 and eth4 in my case since I have ER-X router



From here, you will be able to access the LAN devices connected to switch0 over the internet.


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