I am trying to install composer packages in PHP but get back that:

xxx requires ext-imagettftext * -> the requested PHP extension imagettftext is missing from your system.

I read in several posts that freetype and gd must be installed, but they are:

php -i | grep "FreeType"
FreeType Support => enabled
FreeType Linkage => with freetype
FreeType Version => 2.3.11

php -i | grep "GD "
GD Support => enabled
GD headers Version => 2.2.5
GD library Version => 2.2.5

I am using the REMI repo for PHP 5.6 and I am desperate to know what else I have to do to get ext-imagettftext working.


I'm not aware of any extension call imagettftext.

imagettftext is a function provided by the gd extension.

I think there is something wrong in the composer.json, should have "ext-gd"

$ php -r 'var_dump(function_exists("imagettftext"));'
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  • After a night of research I did, you confirm my findings. The composer package that should be used has an unsatisfiable requirement, which is ext-imagettftext, an extension that does not exist. – Benedikt Feb 25 at 6:33

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