I have a GCE instance on which I was running a g1-small instance that hosted a wordpress site.

I wanted to downgrade the instance size to f1-micro, so I

a) stopped the instancce b) edited the instance and changed it's size to f1-micro c) started the instance

Unfortunately when the instance restarted, the wordpress site does not seem to be loading. SSH-ing into the instance reveals that Apache & MySQL are running, but visiting the newly generated external IP in the browser doesn't load the website.

Any ideas what might be wrong?

Sorry for details that might not have been specified well, super new to GCP & wordpress.

  • Please provide more details regarding the behavior you're seeing when trying to load the site and any relevant logging in the Apache/MySQL instances. Feb 25, 2020 at 23:07

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The cause of your issue is f1-micro doesn't have enough resources to run LAMP.

If you compare f1-micro and g1-small you'll see that f1-micro provides you significantly less resources even than g1-small. I do not recommend to use f1-micro for any production tasks. Have a look at the documentation N1 shared-core machine types to get more information:


You can slightly improve situation by shutting down some services like Logging agent google-fluentd that preinstalled to VMs or any other unnecessary services, but I'd rather switch back to g1-small.

In addition, you can try some images from Market place like openlitespeed-wordpress that offers preconfigured solution based on f1-micro.

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