I have been using zendesk as a light-weight web-based help desk application for my organization (15 employees; 25 machines), and I am quite happy with it, however they don't currently have any asset management.

I am looking for the following features: - web-based application - simple - only needs to track 25 - 50 assets (machines) - inexpensive

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For something that small, why not a spreadsheet on Google Docs? It's web-based, can be shared, has access controls, revision history, color coding, etc. I use that for IP address management on smaller network subnets and it does a fine job. Just keep a current printout handy somewhere in case they have an outage or your Internet goes down for a while and you need immediate access to look something up.


Check out Spiceworks. Its free, easy to use, and light-weight. It has a help desk system and asset management. The community around it is very helpful and there are a ton of 3rd party add-ons that extend its capabilities. After installing it and letting it scan your network, you will be surprised at the information it returns.


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    btw I am not affiliated with spiceworks in any way. ; ) – Daniel Lucas Jun 1 '09 at 16:02
  • SpiceWorks seems like the perfect solution here. Free and build just for this. You will get cool additional features as well. Highly recommended. – Scott Alan Miller Jun 6 '09 at 18:14
  • +1 for Spiceworks, have been using it for Years and I love it. – steve.lippert Jun 9 '09 at 16:23

We have a solution for Asset Management in the works - we will announce something soon :-)

Cheers, Michael, Zendesk


I've been using Lansweeper for about 6 months now. It's extremely easy to deploy, it scans easily and seems to be pretty stable. They have a free version (which I use) that is very feature-rich, but the paid version might offer some additional features that you would find useful. The license for the paid version is a one-time fee of $200.


OCS Inventory NG

  • Bob: if you provide your experience (good/bad etc.) and if it's easy to use/setup - I will vote you up. -james – qxotk Jul 9 '09 at 1:23

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