For example - If you open a Remote Desktop Connection to Dets-PC likes this:

"Normal" Remote Desktop Connection Note: Dest-PC is just a normal Out-of-the-box Windows Server with no additional Windows-Features installed

Is the Remote Desktop Connection to Dets-PC effected by Group Policies set in:

Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Remote Desktop Services\Remote Desktop Session Host

AND does Dest-PC calssify as a Remote Desktop Session Host (RDHS)?

If the Connection is effected by those GPOs: That should mean if i activate a Group Policy, such as forced Network Level Authentication in ...\Remote Desktop Session Host\Security it will effect a regular Remote Desktop Connection, correct?

If Remote Desktop Connections aren't effected by the Group Policies mentioned above, how can they be configured?


Yes, some of the settings do, such as the setting in your example.

Other settings may not. RD Connection Broker and Licensing would not apply to workstations.

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