I am running Sendmail 8.15.2 on Fedora 30 with a MX relaying to a mail server.

The relay-domains file works fine to funnel only the desired domains from the MX to the mail server. But the mail server has to reject oodles of wrong users.

I would like to do the rejecting at the MX server instead.

I saw hints of this possibility on the Internet but cannot seem to get it to work. I have tried numerous formats of the access table and none seem to work. I have also tried clearing out the relay-domains and only relying on the access table.

Access table (there are many users; I am only showing one for brevity):

Connect:localhost.localdomain RELAY
Connect:localhost RELAY
Connect: RELAY
ClientRate: 0
To:user@domain.com RELAY

I have also tried:

user@domain.com RELAY

I have also tried adding at the bottom:


I have also tried commenting these at the top:

Connect:localhost.localdomain RELAY
Connect:localhost RELAY
Connect: RELAY
ClientRate: 0

I have this in sendmail.mc to make use of the access db:

FEATURE(`access_db', `hash -T<TMPF> -o /etc/mail/access.db')dnl

Am I missing something or is there another way to whitelist recipients at the MX level?


FEATURE(blacklist_recipients) is required to selectively reject envelope recipients in access table.

Sample access table entries:

# default for addresses in example.com domain
to:example.com  REJECT
# list of valid/relayed addresses in example.com
to:user1@example.com  RELAY
to:user2@example.com  RELAY

Possible alternative methods/ways:

  • virtusertable for non local email domains
  • FEATURE(ldpap_routing) - it can use standard sendmail maps instead of LDAP lookups

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