I have query in Active Directory which should return all computers with bitlocker not active based on this script:


Script works fine so the values are there.

But my query is not returning anything. It looks like this:


I want to return computers which dont have active bitlocker.

Can someone point me to right direction where could be mistake, still learning with ldap queries.


So i found out msFVE-RecoveryInformation is object by it self, when i do:


It filters objects with recovery keys but name of computers is coded in atribute "distinguishedName like this:


Somehow i can filter only computers with this attribute?


You need to read the msDS-ParentDistName attribute in each msFVE-RecoveryInformation object, and then query for those distinguished names to get the computer objects.

Also, this is not a good way to measure this due to:

  • A system may have been re-imaged.
  • Encryption may be turned off or suspended indefinitely.
  • A system may be encrypted, but the recovery password/key not backed up to Active Directory.
  • A recovery password/key may have been re-generated/replaced but not backed up to Active Directory.
  • Some of the drives may be encrypted but others not.
  • It doesn't provide any information on the protectors used. For example, if only a TPM protector is used without a PIN.

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