2016 Server CORE. Add node to SQL server 2019 Failover Cluster.

Steps were taken: Added the server to the Failover Cluster

I found this page, Install SQL Server from the Command Prompt which is helpful. However, I am not able to complete the installation without error.
This is code I wrote, with the help of the link above.

/AGTSVCACCOUNT=domainName\sqlagent /AGTSVCPASSWORD=******** 
/SQLSVCACCOUNT=domainName\sqlengine /SQLSVCPASSWORD=******** 

This is the error I receive when it is "Running Rules for Feature Installation"

The following error occurred: You have selected a feature that is not supported for Windows Server Core. The supported features on Windows Server Core are: Database Engine Services, SQL Server Replication, Full-Text and Semantix Extractions for Search, Analysis Services, Client Tools Connectivity, Integration Services, and SQL Client Connectivity SDK.

Error result: -2067922334
Result facility code: 1214
Result error code: 61

Any assistance on this would be great.

I found this on the error above. However, it is for 2012, not 2019: You cannot install a SQL Server 2012 Cluster Instance

I went through the installation process on a test server, to see what Features it picks up on, during the installation. And on the Cluster Node Configuration - Page.

Features = SQLEngine, SQLEngine\Replication, SQLEngine\FullText, SQLEngine\DQ

It has the features being installed that Core requires, and nothing more.
So, why is it yelling, You have selected a feature that is not supported for Windows Server Core ???

  • It sounds like a sub feature that requires a GUI is trying to be installed. That would invalidate the core installation you might want to ask this on a Microsoft Forum because it's particular to them. – Rowan Hawkins Mar 26 '20 at 20:22
  • Someone on the SQL Server Forum posted that this is causing the issue, that it is not allowed in the core. SQLEngine\DQ --- However, I had read that it is allowed, so I am not entirely certain on rather his information is accurate or not? – CodingEE Mar 28 '20 at 0:19

Have the install option of SQLEngine\DQ
It is not allowed in Core installs of SQL Server.
Once this was removed, the installation completed without an issue.

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