I created a Kubernetes cluster on google cloud with two nodes. Few days later the IP of vm changed. after that, I made those IPs static to my VMs from the console using VPC network > External IP address and changed the Type from Ephemeral to Static. I want this because my applications on Kubernetes connect to a remote DB and that DB server is setup on IP based permissions. Now after a few days later, google assigns new IPs to my Kubernetes nodes keeping the old IPs static and displays None in In use by column. I don't know what is wrong in my configurations or something else on google side.


Each time a node is created (due to a node repair or node upgrade) the VM for the node will be assigned a new IP address.

Stable public IP or IP range for outbound connections in GKE asks for ideas on how to set a stable outbound IP range on GKE (hint: the recommendation is to use Cloud NAT).

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