I'm having minor trouble with getting my head around it cause none of the tried commands does not display anything. I would like to check file attributes of the every file in the folder (including subfolders and so on).

Let's assume I'm having a path: mainfolder/subfolder/file.txt - if I submit it directly like this:

getfattr -d /mnt/Users/Family/Documents/credentials.txt

It does the job and returns that there is some attribute. But now I'd like to search a whole folder like that for every file in every folder and subfolder. So I tried some of the ways of getting it but these returned nothing for me:

getfattr -d -m ^ -R -- <filename or directory>
getfattr -m - $your_path_or_file_name

I'm not even sure if it's possible to list attributes like that in a recursive way. Can you help me out?


You can dump them and then use awk

getfattr --dump * > xfatrrts.txt

Here you will find some tricks (in Greek).

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