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if i just request 1 API, the duration response time is 200-300ms, if i request 10-15 request on short duration, the API response will become 1-2 seconds. look at the image, when first request is took 234ms, and last API request is 1.73s. and i find out on IIS 8.5 worker process will queue the process, first come first serve, mean first request is response, only take turn to process second process, my website have concurrent user 1,000 users, even i was setting on IIS five process workers, it is still cannot resolve the issue.

<processModel autoConfig="true"maxWorkerThreads="100" maxIoThreads="100" minWorkerThreads="50"/>
    <httpRuntime minFreeThreads="704" minLocalRequestFreeThreads="608"/>

and i was tried to configuration the machine.config with the maxworker threads, it is can't resolve too.

how to solve this issue? is this IIS issue or my .net coding issue?

  • What Windows version are you using? Non-Windows Server has a well known 10 connection limit. – Lex Li Mar 27 at 12:55

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