I am trying to make a site only accessible from within the local network and people from the external network will get a static page saying some other message.

This is what I am trying to do but it does not seem to work. Where have I gone wrong?

         if ($remote_addr != {
                   rewrite ^/* /covid19 last;

The $remote_addr is a single IP address (e.g. so it will not directly compare with the string

If you are comparing an IP address to a /24 block, you can use a regular expression that only checks the first three numbers.

For example:

if ($remote_addr !~ "^192\.168\.1\.") { ... }

See this document for details, and this caution on the use of if.

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  • Thank you very much for the solution. It works and has helped me very much. Thank you again for helping me out when I was stuck. I do appreciate it very much. – P.V.Anthony Mar 26 at 10:50

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