Excuse me for a naive question. I just got R720 with 4x3T on RAID 5 using H710. In the server manager, I saw disk with 8T which I suppose is the virtual disk I set up using H710; In volumes, there is a C: with 2T capacity. I can find the 2T storage on local disk (C:) but how can i access the 8T disk storage? My goal is to setup a database server. Thanks!


A disk (or a RAID array) isn't assigned any drive letters before it's initialized and partitioned. You should first initialize the disk using the Disk Management or Initialize-Disk PowerShell.

  • Thank you! And I need to switch to UEFI and convert disk into GPT to use disk larger than 2T. – cccfran Apr 8 '20 at 3:53

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