This is my zone file:

$TTL 10800      ; 3 hours
example.com           IN SOA  ns1.example.com. email.example.com. (
                                25         ; serial
                                10800      ; refresh (3 hours)
                                3600       ; retry (1 hour)
                                604800     ; expire (1 week)
                                3600       ; minimum (1 hour)
                        NS      ns1.example.com.
                        NS      ns2.example.com.
                        MX      10 mail.example.com.
$ORIGIN example.com.
ftp                     CNAME   example.com.
mail                    A
ns1                     A
ns2                     A
www                     CNAME   example.com.

Is it possible ns1.example.com be but example.com be ? (without using another DNS server on How I can do that?

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    Please do not use IP addresses such as or even worse in examples. They are real, they exist,and have global public widely known service attached to them. I edited your post in that regard. – Patrick Mevzek Apr 7 at 4:04

The example.com. IN A can certainly point to any IP address other than the IP addresses of your authoritative name servers. However, you should still have at least two different name servers on separate networks. This comes from IANA's Technical requirements for authoritative name servers:

Minimum number of name servers

There must be at least two NS records listed in a delegation, and the hosts must not resolve to the same IP address.

Network diversity

The name servers must be in at least two topologically separate networks. A network is defined as an origin autonomous system in the BGP routing table. The requirement is assessed through inspection of views of the BGP routing table.

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