I need to manage custom domain for my customer on my app engine. I've seen "Cloud DNS", with this i can give NS to my customers, they update their NS to their DNS and game is done. So my customers will connect they customer.com to my customer.appengine.com. Url, when an use go to customer.com, will remain customer.com.

I can't find documentation abount Cloud DNS used with app engine, it's this possibile?

Actually i've tried setup the cloud DNS, this is what i have

    customer.com. SOA   21600   ns-cloud-f1.googledomains.com. cloud-dns-hostmaster.google.com. 1 21600 3600  259200 300
    customer.com.   NS  21600   ns-cloud-f1.googledomains.com.
    www.customer.com.   CNAME   300   customer.appengine.com.

My customer has setted correct registrar confguration (added DNS gave me from google) to his DNS.

I'm running nslookup on my domain, and got this:

nslookup www.customer.com                                                      
Non-authoritative answer:                                                                                                            
www.customer.com             canonical name = customer.appengine.com.                                                                          
customer.appengine.com       canonical name = ghs.googlehosted.com.                                                                       Name:   ghs.googlehosted.com                                                                                                         Address: xxx.xxx.xx.xxx                                                                                                              Name:   ghs.googlehosted.com                                                                                                         Address: xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx::xxxx

This seems correct to me, but always get 404 google page!

  • Have you tried to follow documentation [Mapping Custom Domains] (cloud.google.com/appengine/docs/standard/python/…)? – Serhii Rohoza Apr 1 at 9:41
  • Yes, now i've domain setted. But there is a problem: While configuring domain i have to set 4 A records and 4 AAAA records with empty alias. I actually can set only one (because can't set empty A and AAAA alias for records and can't have same A and AAAA record on the same Alias). I suppose that if i set only ONE A and AAAA record...i will get some problem. – tidpe Apr 1 at 9:56

When setting the 4 A and AAAA records, the alias are not empty they should have @

I have my domain with godaddy and this worked fine for me. If you have your domain with Google Domain here is the documentation for it, although the same applies, its needed to set the A and AAAA records along with the CNAME that App engine custom domain settings screen displays

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