I have looked into how to monitor audio/video data sent by way of Teams/Skype. I understand that there is 2 components (1. The traffic related to status and probably call setup, 2. The traffic related to video, audio, text, etc in conference media transfer). Some of this understanding is garnered via watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vi3M7ZzF2NU

A colleague of mine is of the opinion that all data to do with Teams/Skype (as in status, call setup, and actual call data) flows through monitoring, which I have resolved to registrar-rr.prod.registrar.skype.com, but am running into walls finding webpages mentioning which component (or both) the equipment monitoring ports at the above URL/IP are doing.

Does anyone know (and ideally can provide information to support them) what part of the system the above URL/IP serves?

Further, am I right in my understanding that with remote workers accessing the corporate LAN through a split tunnel VPN setup, no data will flow through the corporate LAN if all Teams/Skype participants are working remote?

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