I recently moved my static website to Azure blob with a CDN using a CDN managed certificate. I thought everything was good until I went out to my site and discoverd when I went to www.example.com I received the following message:

The account being accessed does not support http.
HttpStatusCode: 400
ErrorCode: AccountRequiresHttps
RequestId : 64466600-xxxx
TimeStamp : 2020-04-02T14:18:52.1757112Z

However if I go to https://www.example.com it comes up ok.

Is there a way to forward http traffic to https in azure blob/CDN?


Try follow this guide:


  1. From the Azure Portal Select the CDN profile
  2. Click on Manage to open the configuration page

  3. From the HTTP Large menu, select Rules Engine

  4. Update the Name / Description i.e. HTTP to HTPS redirect

  5. Change the Always dropdown menu to Request Scheme
  6. Click the Features+ button and select URL Redirect
  7. Within the pattern text field enter (.*)
  8. In the Destination text field enter https://%{host}/$1
  9. Click Add
  • thanks! This looks like it was from an older version but it got me to where I needed to be. I'll update your response with the steps I took and accept it as the correct solution. – Zonus Apr 2 '20 at 15:07
  • To be noted that this is not supported for Standard Akamai CDN profile. I created a feedback idea in order to make it possible. – Jerome2606 Feb 21 at 17:41

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