I have a server named as servername.mydomain.com. I can do ssh to this server using a port number X using:

ssh  myusername@servername.mydomain.com -p X

From this server I can run:

psql -h localhost -d myDatabase -U myusername -p DBPORT

Instead of having to login using ssh I want to be able to use psql as:

psql -h servername.mydomain.com:X -d myDatabase -U myusername -p DBPORT

Is this possible? I tried this but I am getting the message: could not translate hostname ...

  • leave out the :x it's not part of the hostname – Jasen Apr 5 '20 at 11:53

leave out the :x

 psql -h servername.mydomain.com -d myDatabase -U myusername -p DBPORT

You may need to edit the listen_addresses directive in postgrersql.conf (and restare poastgresql.

Alternatively you can tunnel the postgres connection.

ssh  myusername@servername.mydomain.com -p X -R DBPORT:

then on another command-line

psql -h -d myDatabase -U myusername -p DBPORT

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